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Compose a clear statement "Badgie is a ..."

Until you are able to clearly state what is it in one line - nobody pay attention to that. Only simple and clear ideas work. When something is shared it should be obvious: 1) What is that 2) Why might I need that 3) Who (if not me) might...
Dmitry Pavlov, 11.04.2019, 18:37
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Take care of clear meta Title, Description, Image

Any idea to get attention and support from community should be shared to this community. So you should take care about details audience see when you share your links. Take care of clear meta Title, Description, Image tags - see...
Dmitry Pavlov, 11.04.2019, 18:41
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Fix broken link with WWW part

Right now I am writing this if I go to - I see "404 Web Site not found." - a standard Azure 404 error. But if you open same .link without WWW part -...
Dmitry Pavlov, 11.04.2019, 18:44